Saturday, March 2, 2013

Wow, Its been a while. Sorry.

Since I last wrote about the Key to Happiness I can report things are going along better than I could have hoped. (However, I'm still waiting for the mythical "comfortable yet secure" male chastity device to be invented.)

Our success has been due in large part to Sarah Jameson. Sarah has written a guide to male chastity called "Be careful what you wish for". She also sends a daily email on the various aspects of the subject of male chastity. What makes her unique and palatable reading for women and my wife in particular is her utter lack of male centered "kink". She is quick to point out and I'm loath to disagree with her that nearly all the "Women" writing anonymously on this subject are probably men writing to project their own prurient fantasies and don't in any way reflect the way real women think.

At Ms. Jameson's suggestion we have been on a bit of a trial run at male chastity for a couple months now. We (I) have had progressively longer periods of denial albeit on the honor system. My experience has been nothing short of spectacular. Even Sharon has begun to admit a certain level of acceptance with her new role and responsibilities as "Keyholder". I wont speak for her to claim she has found this to be the panacea I think it is but there is no doubt she is receiving more love and attention from me than she has ever known in more than two decades of courtship and marriage.

Rather than the hardship you may imagine male chastity would or "should" be, I have found it to be its own reward. I remain pumped up on the rush of raging teenage hormones. I find myself trying to find new ways to woo her like the heady days of early courtship.

The most difficult aspect for our sexual relationship throughout the years has been our vastly disparate sex drives. (Can I get an AMEN?) Male chastity has gotten us more in-sync than ever before and, not merely by stifling my orgasms but also by increasing her focus on sex as well. Is she teasing and denying me day and night as I might crave? Certainly not but she understands my fresh and burning passion for her is directly proportionate to the level of frustration she foments in me. Win! - Win!

Life inevitably intrudes and maintaining some fever pitch isn't a realistic expectation, but I can assure you that from my perspective if I don't have the regular outlet of orgasm whether via sex or masturbation I am much quicker to return to and maintain my chivalrous demeanor.

I cook and clean. I maintain the cars and the yard. I play taxi for the kids and assist with homework. I shower my beautiful and sexy wife with as much attention as she will tolerate (and sometimes a bit more than she will tolerate.) I do all these things and more with a grateful attitude because she intoxicates me.

This isn't "femdom" and I'm not subservient to her (even if she does put me in panties occasionally as a reminder of my decision to remain chaste ). We have simply chosen to take all my excess sexual energy and redirect it toward bettering our marriage. I for one couldn't be more pleased to not be pleasured.