Friday, February 10, 2012

Happy birthday to me!

Sorry to those who have expressed your desire for me to continue this meager blog. I have neglected it for far too long I know. I realized for the umpteenth time just how ill fated my efforts were to inculcate my loving wife with my fantasy desires for our real world marriage. So I let it all drop. I had resigned myself to the reality I may never again taste the forbidden fruits of female domination... Or so I thought.
With the prospect of the kids being gone for the whole weekend and it being my birthday to boot I began to allow my deviant mind to ponder the possibilities for a kink filled flesh fest.
I wasn't angling for another pie in the sky attempt to revolutionize our marriage dynamic just a little role playing. I let it be know what I wanted for my birthday and low and behold, she took to it like it was the most natural thing in the world.
I'll spare you the most prurient details but sufficed to say I spent a couple hours in luxurious psudo-subspace.
After a a good flogging/paddling far beyond any she had ever blessed me with before she had me give her a pedicure followed by a massage which turned in to lots of pleasuring of her and eventually a mind blowing release of my own.
So, I know it's light years from a real femdom marriage but I no longer care. It was nirvana and if it only comes once a year on my birthday I'll be as anxious as a kid on Christmas Eve all year long.
I can't say often enough how much I love this amazing woman who has blessed my life with her presence.