Friday, September 10, 2010

Just a little gratuitous sex…

I am blessed with a wife/mistress who is willing to indulge my fantasies and jump in with both feet from time to time.

I was out of town for a few days recently and got a slightly cryptic text that led me to believe I might be in for a treat when I returned. My mind began to fill with all the delicious fantasies that might await. It’s absolutely true that the largest sex organ is between the ears. That is unless your other organ weighs about 13 lbs!

For me the best sexual experiences are always preceded by the greatest anticipation. (Conversely too much anticipation combined with unrealistic expectations is a recipe for disappointment or even resentment. But that’s a topic for another day.)

I was met in the driveway and pronounced LATE! I was ordered to shower and I made myself as presentable as might be for a man of meager pulchritude.

I was directed to produce the key to our “little toy chest” and ordered spread eagle, face up, on the bed. As she deliberately secured each appendage to the four corners of our bed with rope and leather cuffs she told me just how lucky I was. She had been with a group of vanilla women talking sex and marriage and secretly realized just how much more adventurous she was by comparison. I was duly grateful and became even more so as our afternoon proceeded. While I wish I could tell you that we had hours without the kids to explore the boundaries of my predicament, it was not the case, but she made the most of the time we had.

She striped off her tight jeans and t-shirt to reveal an incredibly sexy black lace thong and bra (the kind that has only half a cup that leaves the breast exposed). That is a picture that will stay with me for a long time. If only I were still permitted to pleasure myself it would fan my masturbatory flames.

After her strip tease she directed a bit (or should I say bite) of attention to my nipples. I wish I had larger nipples just so she had more to play with. Seriously erogenous zone for me, once I’m warmed up.

Once she saw she had my full attention she proceeded to remove the thong and standing astride me began to pleasure herself. Now I knew the purpose for the ropes as the bed began to creak under the strain. I desperately wanted to touch and taste her but was held just out of reach. She did eventually guide herself down onto my eager member and ride me to conclusion.

While that was the payoff moment, the climax for me was all about the anticipation and yearning she created starting hours before with a simple text and continuing right on through to conclusion. In that moment before I was permitted to cum she could have removed herself and left me unfulfilled and I would have been just as satisfied and exhilarated.
Oh that every sexual encounter could be like that but then again there is anticipation too in not knowing if next time will be another moment to remember.

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