Monday, May 24, 2010


K.I.S.S. Contract

In light of our discussion Friday night, 5/21/10, and in a continuing effort to find a happy medium for our diverse personalities and needs, what follows is a simple weekly plan to be implemented immediately.

Sexual Rules:
1. You are not allowed to touch your genitals for sexual pleasure without express permission.
2. You are not allowed to ejaculate without express persmission, even during our sessions of sexual activity.
3. You may ask permission to ejaculate, but my answer is final.
4. During the week I may or may not ask you to facilitate an orgasm for me.
5. Friday nights after our children are asleep shall be set aside for our mutual sexual enjoyment. There may be events which make this impossible from time to time, but they should be very rare.
Household Rules:
1. You are responsible for the following activites. They are simple to accomplish and I do not expect to have to remind you about these five items - ever.
a. At least once per day empty and load the dishwasher, thoroughly wiping down counters, stove and sinks.
b. Generally keep the house picked up during the week and take out the trash on trash days.
c. Do "your" white load and dark load as needed.
d. Keep the toilet and sinks in our bathroom clean.
e. Keep the lawn mowed and edged (more often than "usual").
2. I will tell you when I want other household chores done by writing them on the white board in the kitchen. When I tell you to do something on a particular day, I expect it to be done that day. If you are not going to have it done before I get home, email me at work before 4:45 p.m. to let me know and tell me why.

Weekly Report:

On Fridays you will write Sharon an email expresing your thoughts about the week. You should feel free to express in these reports any disappointments or concerns you have about how things are going with regard to this contract. Your report should be sent by 3:00 p.m.

We will start here and re-evaluate after six weeks. I do not think the household requirements are remotely too much to ask. If you follow through on these rules my life will be less stressful... I will be more relaxed... I will be able to focus more often and more fully on our times of sexual enjoyment together. Friday nights do not have to be the only nights, but we will commit to this at a minimum.

Your loving mistress

Monday, May 3, 2010

To my few loyal followers I apologize for my long absence. Job changes had me preoccupied and very busy. Those stresses have subsided and I'm committed to making this blog a priority again.

Thanks Mark Redmond (and his Worship Your Wife Blog) for republishing excerpts from Vivian's Domain blog. My wife has seen fit to read and reread portions of them. I'm amazed how intuitive Vivian is as regards men’s psyche. Like Mark I'd love to know what's become of her. Her input would add volumes to our discussion.

Sharron and I are moving forward toward a formalized WLM LFA D/D Whatever you choose to call it. We've been round this tree before but this time things are different. (I bet I've said that before too!) The key difference is the formal aspect of it. Sharon is pulling together the details and writing up the agreement. (I wait anxiously) I'll publish some detail later as things evolve.

I covet your participation and comments.