Friday, February 19, 2010

My favorite legend/mythos is Arthurian.
Knights and damsels, dragons and sorcerers, enchantment, honor, chivalry, epoch battles, and quests, what's not to love.
As boys we imagine ourselves the heroic knight. What kid hasn’t had a sword fight with a cardboard gift wrapping tube?
When we hit puberty we add the desire to win the affections of the beautiful maiden and go to extraordinary lengths to do so.
For too many men the "conquest" of a woman is the end of chivalry.
The more gentlemanly among us realize that women are the grail quest not the prize for a tournament.
We will face down the ferocious dragon or the enemy horde and yet the virtuous maiden from her lofty perch has the power to disarm us utterly.
The grail quest is a journey of discovery.
We see only glimpses of it when our hearts and motives are pure.
It remains tantalizingly close but just out of reach.
I live for the quest.
It gives life meaning and keeps the passion fire burning white hot.

Here's to the keepers of the grail.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

What a roller coaster ride this has been. I have seen my share of ups and downs but I keep getting back in line to take the ride again. While we may never have formalized our relationship as WLM we are slowly hearing the click, click, click as we assend the hill. I must accept the possibility of doing it "Her Way" for us may mean never really formalizing an arrangement.

My challenge is to continually find ways to meet her needs and desires which does inspire her to feel more and more impedistalled, which is the goal after all. Some have suggested I don't know what my wife wants. O'contrare. I know but I far too often don't deliver it. I take full responsibility, but why when a man suggests he enjoys being motivated by the sexual component of WLM does he get branded as "topping from the bottom"? Guilty as charged I guess. I genuinely enjoy serving and pleasuring her much more than seeking my own pleasure. I thought that was the definition of being submissive. Why is it that to some the idea that there is something “in it for us” makes our experience somehow not valid or less than honest?

As it happens I'm having a lovely weekend working around the house on overdue projects as well as cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. and she isn't even here to appreciate it, but I'm feeling pretty proud of myself. I want her to come home to a clean house and something yummy… (OH SHIT!!! the Damn Dog Just Stole the Banana Bread off the counter!!!!!!) I guess I'll have to start over on the something yummy!