Friday, January 8, 2010

The Job stress that has zapped my initiative for virtually everything but the job is abating. So, consequently the mind begins to wander... back to the former things... The dark recesses that haunt my fantasies… I seem to remember a time when housework gave me (dare I say it?) an erection. Could it be? Can it be again? As I write this blog, of course the ideal female led relationship is at the forefront of my imaginations and yet I know the road back to that illusive destination is long curvy and fraught with hazards.

The journey some would say is the destination. While I can be persuaded of that premise, I would argue that it only applies if you are both in the car and traveling in the same direction. To carry the analogy further I would be content to take the journey wherever it leads if only she would take the drivers seat. Until she slides behind the wheel we aren’t going anywhere or I’m doing the driving… and, that’s not a female led relationship.

As much as I agree with the rational of Mark Redmond that “wife worship” is its own reward, I am a human male and as such need some validation that she desires an FLR.
In my case I don’t think she does. We dudes are wired to think logically…”What woman wouldn’t want a clean house and obedient Hubby that desires nothing more that to perform oral sex on her morning, noon and night?” Women are the nurturers in the relationship after all. They are more prone to think… “If it will make him happy I’ll play along at being the dominate spouse.” …until such a time that one or both of us realize it’s a charade.

So here is the 60M dollar question: Is it worth another attempt? And, do I have any right to expect her to take the reigns in order to call it successful? If not, is it still worth the effort?

Readers of my blog to this point should be reminded that this in no way will ever compromise our marriage. We love each other with an eternal love. This is really my fantasy, not hers. I have serious doubts that it can ever be fully realized but if she’ll drive I’ll go warm the car up right now!!!
(Danica Patrick AND a Shelby Cobra!?! Thats too much for any ONE man's fantasy!)