Thursday, April 30, 2009

She Deserves My Very Best

My name is Rex, Welcome to my first ever blog.

The object of my blog is to provide an outlet for my musings relative to wife lead marriage or as Mark Redmond puts it Wife Worship.

I don't expect to generate a large audience or attempt to instruct others in the finer points of implementing this in your marriage. I plan to use this as a way to vent my own feelings and air my grievances and basically just journal my experiences. Some day I'll let my wife in on this to gain new insight into me.

I'll begin with a brief history of my attempts to implement this dynamic (mostly failed) in our marriage over the past decade.

More than ten years ago after several years of marriage I felt bold enough for the first time to suggest spicing up our sex life with some playful BDSM. I had no idea where it would take us but I wanted it for the shear sexual stimulation of doing something new and taboo. As you may imagine I was less than successful. She was blindsided with the notion that she married some some sort of deviant. As a very conservative gal she was naive about even the most benign sexploration. As a man I was able to imagine even the most radical sexual exploits. She was scared and offended and I knew I had crossed a line that could be disastrous to our marriage.

I managed to suppress my urge for deviant sex. At least for a time. My imagination wasn't dormant for long and I eventually hatched a scheme to incrementally add in some elements of the things I craved. She was able to indulge me with the understanding that it was harmless sexual fun and not who I was. Or was it?

With the passing years two things happened. I craved more and she became more defensive. I believed the "problem" was her lack of exposure to the same things I was filling my head with more and more via the wonders of the world wide web. (We men can be as stereotypically dumb as women think we are.)
When I discovered the dynamic of male submission / Female Domination my imagination ran wild. Try as I might I couldn't turn my sweet and demure wall flower of a wife into the bitch goddess dominatrix I thought I wanted. Surprise surprise!!!!!!!

To be continued...